Oil & Gas

Aerial drones provide increased risk mitigation and personnel safety in the oil and gas industry. Oil and gas development activities include all aspects of land planning, design, development, and monitoring which span initial exploration assessment to prospect generation, well site construction, well drilling, production, and transportation. Transportation of crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids commonly occurs through pipelines. The safety and security of pipelines, regardless of their size, placement, or location is of paramount importance not only to pipeline owners, but also the public at-large. Drones help ensure safety and security through resource-saving techniques.

Falcon Aerial Data’s aerial drones and associated computer vision technologies function as “digital workers,” taking on tasks previously done by humans, such as leak detection, flare stack inspection, perimeter surveillance and right-of-way monitoring. The automated early detection of these issues creates a faster response time. Ultimately, this approach could improve asset integrity, mitigate risks, facilitate faster decision making, enhance worker safety, and improve managerial oversight.


We offer the following oil and gas drone services across Texas, Lousiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma:

Site Assessments

Site Development

Production Equipment Inspections

Pipeline Inspections

Tank Corrosion

Flare Stack Inspection

Gas Emissions Monitoring

Environmental & Safety Compliance