About Falcon Aerial Data

Falcon Aerial Data is a remote sensing data collection and analysis company which uses small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS's), or aerial drones, to assist the private and public sectors to more efficiently and effectively manage assets and operations. We unite core competencies in remote sensing, project management, industrial and environmental compliance, and data analytics to provide unparalleled expertise. Our staff has over 60 years of combined experience providing these services to our clients.

Falcon Aerial Data was founded specifically to help our clients avoid the capital expense and operating risks associated with establishing their own drone programs and to secure the most technologically- advanced aerial drone support to meet their operational needs. The ultimate objective of Falcon Aerial Data is threefold.

  1. Evaluate and manage client assets through the aerial drone collection of project-specific types of remote sensing data.
  2. Filter, process, analyze, and communicate data and findings to clients in a manner compatible with their system needs.
  3. Assist clients in integrating aerial drone data collection into routine operations.